Chasing the Unattainable Vision

The trouble with Vision is that you have to have it to know where you’re going. But it also needs to be far enough away that you’ll never reach it so that you’ll always have a reason to keep going. Happily, the Christian life comes with this edition of Vision built-in, and it’s free of charge. For the rest of the world Vision comes at the price of actually attaining it and then having nothing to do afterwards. There is a great nothingness beyond Vision that can only be avoided by setting high and lofty unattainable goals. The Lost are doomed to achieving their goals and then finding them empty and meaningless in the end. That is a high price to pay. Especially when the alternative is so readily available.

God has prefabricated our Christian lives with this great feature of The Unattainable Vision. It’s an extension of the Vision that He gives us individually that allows us to work with a greater purpose. It’s the rainbow that stays just off in the distance looking beautiful and mysterious . We chase it, knowing all the while that we’ll never catch it. But maybe along the journey we see something new. Maybe the chase reveals something about ourselves that we had not yet uncovered. Or maybe we just needed to chase it to remember how we love to pursue Him. Imagine the despair you would feel if you actually reached the rainbow and found out what you always knew… it was just a bunch of water molecules basking in the sun and reflecting it’s light. It’s the chase we really want. Shakespeare quickly sums it up when speaking about the pursuer of a cruel lust:

Past reason hunted and, no sooner had,
Past reason hated.

This doesn’t mean that we hate everything once we’ve attained it. That would be extreme. But, what it does mean is that it’s the thrill of the chase that we crave. And often, when we’ve reached something, we discard it in search for a new chase. And thus, with God, and by His design, we cannot be completely satisfied when it is He and His Vision we are pursuing. This should come as a comfort to know that we will always be able to chase after Him, and that only in the boundlessness of Eternity will we know what it’s like to have caught Him.